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German Shepherd Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin


Meet Tundra! A fun loving, all white, three-year-old, neutered male that wants nothing more than to be by your side. He loves the outdoors and to play with toys, but need some work identifying what is and what is not a toy. Walking both on and off the leash is a breeze with him since he wants to be right at your side


Meet Mr. Banks! He is a lovable, eight-year-old, neutered male that would be a lap dog given the chance. Banks’ may be eight years old on paper but he is 8 months old at heart, enjoying running around outside and chasing down tennis balls. His favorite place to be is resting his sweet face on your lap and getting attention.

Nothing you will ever do is more gratifying then fostering a dog and saving a life. If you can help us by fostering a needy dog please complete our Volunteer Application today.

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