German Shepherd Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin

Our Available Dogs

Nothing you will ever do is more gratifying then fostering a dog and saving a life. If you can help us by fostering a needy dog please complete our Volunteer Application today.


This classic beauty is looking for a family to snuggle with. She is 2 years old and just as sweet as can be and playful to boot!! She will "tap" you when she wants to play, "knock" when she wants to go out and "whoo" you with her big brown eyes when she wants to cuddle up. She's smart and alert and like her foster sister will let you know when others come into your space.


This 4year old sweet girl is looking for a family to love!! She's a special lady with flowing long hair and a crazy laugh!! She gets VERY excited when her people enter the house - whether they have been gone 5 hours or 5 minutes - and she will "holler" for you while you say hello!


My name is Bear. I am a very handsome 5 year old with the energy of a young pup. I understand basic commands and practically everything you might say to me. I am very intelligent, just as Germans Shepherds are supposed to be. I am a high energy boy and love exercise. I am kind hearted, affectionate and anxious to please. I am completely house broken and will let you know when I have to go outside by bringing a squeaky to let you's time.


Isn't she gorgeous?  And Gracie's beauty goes much deeper than the eye can see.  She has a sweet, gentle, affectionate and somewhat cautious nature.  She was found as a stray, so her history is unknown.  Her age has been estimated as 3, but she may be younger.  She gets along great with everyone in her foster family (mom, teenage boys, another dog) except for the cat.  She's house trained, rides well in the car and does pretty well on leash.  Obedience or other classes would be a great way to bond with her - with her intelligence and focus, she will do great. 


Izzy is a 2 year old girl that loves to run and have fun. She is very affectionate and loves to give kisses. She is always looking to please and be by people. She listens very well and she is a quick learner. She has learned a lot of manners in a short time. 
Izzy is looking for an active home that can give her lots of attention and exercise. She loves to chase squirrels. So she can't hear as well when she is focused on a squirrel so she is working on that. Izzy lives with 2 cats, 3 dogs and 2 children.