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This big beautiful boy was surrendered to the humane society in April 2013. He had been shared by two households but was surrendered because neither one could find any time for him.He was very stressed at the shelter and had stopped eating.  As a result, the shelter placed him with the rescue but he was neutered prior to that placement.  Unfortunately, Zucco developed a massive infection at his incision site which quickly spread through his body.When he was brought to the vet’s office we were not sure he would survive the night.  Zucco was started on massive IV antibiotics, hydration and pain medication.  He showed minimal improvement after 24 hours and we debated whether or not we were prolonging the inevitable.  However, he was such a sweet boy that we decided to give him another night to see if he would be able to turn things around.  The next morning Zucco’s fever had dropped a little and he was able to stand up, wag his tail and lick our hands.  If he wasn’t giving up on us, we wouldn’t give up on him!As Zucco’s condition stabilized, he needed to under go additional surgery to remove the source of his continuing infection. Zucco had his surgery late on a beautiful Saturday afternoon by a dedicated veterinarian who just wouldn’t give up on him. By the following Monday Zucco was able to be sent home.  He came home on pain meds and four different antibiotics.I am so happy to report that after two weeks of medication and rest, Zucco has recovered from his life-threatening condition.  His stitches have been removed and he is anxious to  resume his former level of activity.  He continues to show an incredibly stable temperament and will make someone a great friend for years to come.Zucco, like so many other unwanted dogs,  just needed someone to give him a chance but doing so comes at a price.  His vet bill for five days of hospitalization and surgery was $2200.  This is after a generous discount provided by the vet clinic.  Please help us continue to give dogs like Zucco a second chance at a wonderful life by donating to the GSRAW vet fund.  Zucco thanks you!



Lacey came into rescue from a shelter we work with quite often.  She’s a very petite 6 month old coated shepherd.  When she arrived in foster care I noticed a little bit of eye discharge, and some minor coughing and sneezing, which is not unusual for a dog coming out of the shelter.  I also noticed some odd tremors in her front legs and head.  She saw the vet right away, and we got the news that she may have contracted distemper. That’s pretty rare these days, but it does happen and does not have a positive outcome.   The vets sent out the test right away, but we had to wait three longs days for the result.  In the meantime, her respiratory situation got worse, even though she had been started on an antibiotic at the first vet visit.  By that Thursday she was in real distress, an xray revealed she was loaded with pneumonia.   The xray also revealed she had a piece of metal in her stomach that was causing her tremors (heavy metal toxicity).  She was scheduled for an immediate endoscopy to retrieve the metal piece, but she was so sick she egested it before the procedure had to be performed.  She was admitted for a hospital stay and placed on IV antibiotics, and listed at that point in “very guarded” condition.  Subsequent tests found her positive for both mycoplasma and bordatella. Fast forward one month, with a lot of aggressive antibiotics and great vet care from out friends at Spartan Animal Hospital, she should have a good outcome and lead a normal life. Any donations toward any of our special needs dog’s care would be greatly appreciated.  Lacey will make a great addition to someone’s household!