For Sombra
There’s a big hole in my heart
Where my canine friend used to play
She would start each morning with her nose in my face
Making sure I was still breathing
Snuggle on the living room rug while I was in my pajamas
Play “hands and paws” relentlessly
Talk with her very expressive whines
Roll on her back and fold her paws in
Loll her tongue out and look absolutely ridiculous
And then, gently use her beautiful plume of a tail to
Cover her indecency
She would wait patiently for her food to be mixed with
Doggy medicines to help her arthritis
And doggedly walk the two blocks to relieve herself
She would spend the entire day waiting and sleeping
At the front door
And greet me, tail wagging, panting, smiling
Impatiently nuzzling me for a pet and a scratch behind the ears
And a, “You are such a beautiful, good, and wonderful dog! I love you, Sombra.”
She would quietly lie near my feet while I worked late into the night
And dutifully come to bed when I headed off for some sleep
When she finally dropped off, I would hear her dreams
She would whine, yelp, and run chasing rabbits with her friend Saulie
Her paws scratching on the floor
She visited East and West coasts and loved camping with us
She adopted a feral cat named Buster and shared her bed with him
She was a good friend to all my friends
I truly miss my sweet, gentle, canine companion, Sombra
I hope she is running free again and that maybe someday we will meet over the rainbow


Sascha came into our lives on February 22, 2014, but God called her home to Heaven on September 26, 2016.  She was surrounded by her family.  We are deeply saddened and miss her terribly.  Sascha was known as “Bristol” while she was fostered with GSRAW.  Sascha died from multi-centric lymphoma.  She fought such a courageous battle.  Originally diagnosed before Christmas, 2015, Sascha began chemotherapy December 29, 2015.  Throughout her chemotherapy, Sascha responded well to treatment and went into remission.  However, in mid-August, 2016, Sascha came out of remission.  A second round of chemotherapy began, but was unsuccessful.  God had another plan for her because he needed another loving companion in the fields of Heaven, so he called upon Sascha.  

Sascha was a very loving, loyal companion and family member – actually she had three families loving her.  We all continue to grieve for her.  She acted more like a human than a canine!  The two and a half years we had with her really was not enough time, but she touched and enriched our lives in so many ways.  We were as attached to her as she was to us.  She needed us, like we needed her.  Sascha enjoyed going for car rides so much that whenever we went outside, she would automatically position herself right by the car – just in case, so she didn’t miss out!  Actually, there were times that we treated her to a quick spin in the car even though we had no plans on leaving the house!  Sascha was spoiled.  She also loved walks, playing catch, playing chase, playing in the snowdrifts and catching snowballs.  She loved cuddling and was always by your side.  Sascha loved her squeaky toys and took one out with her all the time.  She always brought her toys back in the house with her.  Sometimes, if she forgot, all we had to say to her was, “Get your toy” and off she went to retrieve her toy.  Sascha also had a tendency to always take one special toy with her in her mouth on her walks.  It was always funny to see her along the way.  Sascha loved spending time on the dock by the water.  She did have a tendency to get excited sniffing for bunnies hiding under and around the dock and chasing them.  She also loved and enjoyed her backyard, especially running along the fence line.  Sascha also truly enjoyed playing with children.  We know that Sascha is in the fields of Heaven with all of God’s creatures and she is surrounded by angels and the love of God.  Sascha is forever in our hearts.

Thank you GSRAW. We adopted Maverick in 2004 and he was a great dog. He adapted well from being our only baby, to being 3rd after we had our two boys. This pic was last summer. Maverick passed away Friday May 6, 2016 at 12 years old... in the yard, on the beautiful 85 degree day - after we were all home. 


It is with great sadness that  we let you know that our most beloved friend Willy died after a 4 month illness and eleven trips to the University of Wisconsin School 

of Veterinary Care in Madison. 

He was diagnosed with idiopathic pericardial and plural effusion which required frequent removal. Fortunately most of his last days were good ones filled with the things he enjoyed most; hiking in the park, walking on the beach, relaxing in the yard and enjoying his favorite meals. 
Although his time with us was too brief, he gave us more then he could ever know and we will miss him more then words can describe

Yesterday,(12/22/15) our beloved dog, Sombra, passed away. She suffered a stroke. Below is a poem my husband,  Sterling Biggers, wrote in her memory.

We believe that Sombra and Saulie are now reunited on the other side of the rainbow.

With much sadness , I would like to notice GSRAW to the passing of our kind and gentle shep, Max. We rescued Max thru the efforts of GSRAW representative Jo Aschauer on October 26, 2006. He was 2 plus years at the time. Max's ear and anxiety issues were eventually resolved.He became a family favorite with all of us especially our fourteen grand kids. He traveled most of North America with us on various touring and camping expeditions. He enjoyed meeting people and other dogs. He walked "off leash" most of the time. Max was the fourth GSD that we have raised over the past 40 years. Every one was unique. Max suffered thru the maladies common with the breed. He had three issues when he passed. He had a heart murmur, displaced hips, and multicentric lymphoma. His hip condition was the deciding factor. May God receive his beautiful soul... Thank you/GSRAW for all your efforts


My Tribute to Saulie

When he first entered our house, he promptly found the dieffenbachia plant in the living room, lifted his leg and marked it. He also marked the kitchen cabinets. By then, I knew we had adopted one handful of a dog. When we adopted him, they told us his name had been “Zombie.” However, they called him “Major.” While he indeed was a “Major” dog, he didn’t respond to that name at all, and he certainly did not have the personality of a “Zombie.”

When we called him "Saulie," he came when called, and so, he decided the name for us. He and his mate, Sombra, were the first alpha pair of dogs we had invited to stay with us. They did their best to keep that alpha status, but with determination on our part, they finally agreed to acquiesce. They became the sweetest dogs with wonderful dispositions.

Saulie was a gentle giant. He topped out at 105lbs. He was so full of life; he filled the house with his presence. He loved to play, to run and jump until he was air born, to chomp water, to counter surf,to explore, and to tease his mate.

Though he remained utterly devoted to her,he became my shadow, always curious about what I was doing, and always underfoot. When he would walk up to my side, put his massive head under my hand and just stare up at me, my heart would melt.

Saulie was the best walking buddy. Every morning when I brought out the leashes and walking collars, he would get so excited that he would do a little dance to let us know he was ready to go.  And he could walk and run for miles.It just seems so unfair when life deals a bum hand to a friend like him. Developing a degenerative neurological disease in his spine and hind legs was just about the worse thing that could have happened to him.
But, he fought a good fight, right up to the end. He never lost his big heart and sweet disposition, despite the failure of his body to hold him up.God Speed, dear Super Shepherd friend. You really were special.


Elterine Jankowski-Biggers
Dogs come into our lives to make us smile, to show us love, to be a companion and a friend.  And when their time with us is over, they leave a paw print on our heart


Hello, my name is Marvin Rubio my wife Tanya and I adopted a German Shepherd named Spike Lee on January 1st 2008, he filled our lives with happiness, I just thought to inform you guys that spike's time with us came to and end last week, he passed last Wednesday 4-19- 17 from old age. He lived a very loving, healthy tremendously happy life. He was almost 11 years old. We are saddened that he is no longer with us. The picture was taken the weekend before his passing.

Ode to Wilma

You never said I’m leaving
You never said good-bye.
You were gone before we knew it
And only God knows why.

In life we loved you dearly
In death we love you still.
In our hearts we hold a place
That only you can fill.

It broke my heart to lose you
But don't you go alone.
A part of me went with you
The day God took you home.






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Vegas passed away on May 22, 2016, from complications of Lymphoma.
I brought Vegas into my life on June 16, 2013, He made himself at home right away except for the stairs to the second floor, That took a little coaxing and Some Liver Treats but soon he was okay with the stairs. He was very much an inside dog, We went outside four or five times a day but he did not always follow me very far, He would sometimes just sit down and wait for me to come back from the mailbox especially if it was raining. He loved chasing the squirrels and the occasional wild turkey but he just watched when there was a deer in the yard, I think he knew that they were to fast for him. I will miss him very much as he always had to be in the same room as me.

Foster dog Lila lost her battle with Lympangiectasia on February 20,2017. We only knew her for a short time but she will be missed by her foster family. Rest in peace sweet Lila!


Willy was adopted through our Courtesy Listings