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‚Äčelsa and mae


He is a two year old neutered UTD male and very handsome !
  While he is energtic and playful, he has a wonderfully quiet way about him, he naturally walks well on leash doesn't pull and when you stop he stops.  While his demeanor is quiet he is quite vocal and talks alot, a great character.    He would do better in a yard with a viisible fence or some acreage.  Oscar gets along great with his foster sister ( another german shepherd ) they love playing together. He does great when left home byself.

Meet Elsa and Mae.They are two beautiful, three year old sisters who love doing things together. They really are two peas in a pod! Elsa is the more bossy of the two and loves being near you.
She wishes she could fit and be in your lap, but will settle lying close to your feet. Mae is just a sweetheart, and both are very well behaved.

pending adoptions

These dogs have been adopted and are adjusting to their new "fur" ever homes.