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We realized that yesterday was the nine year anniversary of us adopting Justice from the GSRAW.

Justice has pretty much settled into a role as a large fuzzy protector and play partner for our kids.  Our oldest is now 7 and youngest is 4, he's been incredibly tolerant of all the poking, prodding, and havoc that little kids can introduce into a dog's life.  He sleeps in their rooms at night, and wakes us up if something isn't right or they aren't where they are supposed to be.  Every now and then he tries herding them, which isn't something we encourage, but I have to admit it's pretty amusing to watch.  
He's an old dog now, we thought we lost him a couple years ago.  We don't know how he did it, but he injured his back and it affected his spinal cord.  He was essentially paralyzed from the middle of his chest to the tip of his tail.  The prognosis from the vet was pretty grim, but we decided to try to treat it and after about a week he slowly started getting better.  His back end is still a little wobbly,  but that's about the only lasting impact. 

shared by our adopters

I just love this picture.  This family adopted Cami (who I pulled from Georgia) in 2008 or 2009.  Last year they adopted Rikki, who I also pulled and is a search and rescue dog for the Coal City Fire Department.
Both dogs came through my home town of Morris, IL, went to our rescue to be fostered in Wi and then were adopted to this wonderful family back to my hometown.  They live about 6 blocks away from me and I get to see them all the time.
You guys do good work!!!!

Happened across your page and had to post. About 9 years ago you introduced me to my best friend (and now my wife's) Sadie (then Sada) and I have logged hundreds if not thousand of hiking miles in the north country over those years. She shows no sign of slowing down either. I can never express my gratitude with words. She has been the most amazing companion I have ever had the fortune to roam with. Gentle, incredibly intuitive, a lust for life most people could only dream of and unfaltering protection against the unruly and violent northern red squirrel. So just a quick thank you from all of us.